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Spyborgs dev: Wii 'not excuse' for bad graphics


The gang at 4 Color Rebellion nabbed an interview with Spyborgs lead producer Daryl Allison, in which he (very) subtly slams Wii developers for using the system itself as a cop-out for delivering sub-par visuals. "We were going to make a game that fans of Devil May Cry and God of War would enjoy," Allison said. "Those gamers expect great graphics. Being on the Wii was not an excuse to disappoint them."

We're not sure it's kosher for Allison to throw rocks at other Wii titles before his is completely finished, but we do agree with his point. Wii may not be an HD powerhouse, but it's capable of some truly lovely looking games. Unfortunately, those titles take the type of motivation that isn't printed by the US Treasury to make.

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