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First new framework in Champions Online to be the celestial framework


Remember that framework we mentioned yesterday? The new one that Champions Online was adding, but we didn't know what it was? The one that we mentioned was made of light but wasn't the power of light? Yes, well, thanks to an educated guess, combined with luck, combined with twitter, we've gotten the confirmation that this is, indeed, an update to the current celestial sorcery framework.

Celestial sorcery is the power of the angels and heaven, so a certain writer on a certain MMO news staff is currently running around screaming in her apartment like a crazy person. This writer may or may not work for us, but odds are that she does and that she's rubbing it in Kyle Horner's face. Booyah.

What tipped us off on the framework? The two glowing comets of light in the above picture on the left side are already used in one of the current celestial powers, specifically the self-buff. Plus, you know, it's not exactly a hard jump from "light" to "celestial." Still, those who wield the powers of beyond will be happy to know that their small pool of skills will certainly become larger later this year with this first update. Look for more information on the Celestial framework next week, as the developers make it available.

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