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Breakfast Topic: What classic loot would you want to see upgraded?


So this question was actually inspired by the photo Rossi put on his latest warrior column: That of a Worgen warrior wielding Ashkandi. It brought me back to the old days where that sword was pretty the dream in every possible way. It had good DPS, a decent speed, nice stats, it looked absolutely amazing, and it once belonged to the OG of Humanity, the greatest hero the Alliance has ever known, Anduin Lothar. Back in the day, pretty much every Arms Warrior and Retribution Paladin I knew lusted for it.

I didn't, since I played a Druid then, but I sort of wished Druids could use it, just for the look and the back story if nothing else. Fast forward to today. We're looking forward to Patch 3.2.2, which will bring us level 80 Onyxia, complete with upgraded versions of classic loot from the original raids. Alas, there's no upgraded Ashkandi in sight. This sort of bums me out, I'd love to let my Death Knight swing around a big old dragon emblazoned sword like that.

But hey, I have hope. Cataclysm's revisiting parts of the old world, so maybe we'll see more upgraded versions of classic old world loot. I may have that Ashkandi for my Death Knight yet. So here's my question: What old piece of loot would you like to see come back with upgraded stats for the max level, and why?

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