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Brutal Legend pre-orderers get in-game guitar, early demo access

It seems that those who've chained themselves to their couches in anticipation of the September-bound demo for Double Fine's upcoming rock god sim, Brütal Legend, won't be the first ones to get their hands on the game. Rather, unrestrained persons who manage to pre-order the game at their nearest GameStop will be granted early access to the demo on September 17. The pre-order deal mentions this early access beats the demo's normal release by a week -- meaning non-reservers will likely get the trial on Wednesday, September 23.

Also bundled with the pre-order offer is a GameStop-exclusive in-game guitar, which possesses a "unique, sexy body inspired by the members of Tenacious D." We hope this means Jack and Kyle gave their input on what the guitar should look like, and not that the guitar actually looks like their bodies. We're doing just fine without that mental image, thanks.

Update: While the demo access is new information, we actually knew about the gee-tar in May. We've even got a picture of it -- and we're happy to report it doesn't feature nude versions of K.G. and Jack. No, wait! There they are!

[Via Kotaku]

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