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Mythic details plans for WAR at PAX 2009

William Dobson

Mythic will be representing Warhammer Online at Penny Arcade Expo in under a week's time, and to help attendees plan ahead, they've now given some details about their showing. Members of the development team will be hanging out waiting to talk to fans, and one of the biggest topics they'll be keen to discuss is the game's one-year anniversary and accompanying Wild Hunt event. By the time PAX starts (the 4th of September) the event will be halfway through so players will have had time to experience it before chatting with the devs. They will also be showing off other recent content updates.

Although not specifically related to Warhammer Online, it is worth noting that Mythic Entertainment Executive Producer Jeff Hickman will be taking part in a PAX panel session on Friday the 4th. Along with other members of the industry, Hickman "will re-examine the basics of game design and explore what it means to design in today's videogame industry." Catch the panel at the Unicorn Theatre from 10:30am to 11:30am. As usual, if you visit the WAR booth you won't come away empty handed. The swag is similar to what Mythic gave away at Games Day Chicago: the Empire Cherub shirt (limited in supply this time too), and in-game items Snorri's Spikes, Chompin' Teef, Shroud of Imrathepis and the Razored Skinning Knife.

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