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Silkroad Online players battle it out for shot at PvP tournament prize money

James Egan

MMO developer Joymax is holding PvP qualifier matches in Silkroad Online this week, in preparation for the Game&Game World Championship (GNGWC) which is coming to North America in September. No doubt some people are wondering what GNGWC is -- it's an international MMO tournament, played across Leipzig, Los Angeles, Yongin, São Paulo, and Tokyo. Regional finalists are invited to Korea for the grand finals and a chance at winning thousands of dollars in prize money.

The top Silkroad Online players who make it through both days of PvP in the qualifying rounds August 30-31 will be flown to Los Angeles on September 12th for the GNGWC regional finals. The 2009 tournament will also have players competing in Atlantica Online and Shot Online for up to $5000 in prize money.

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