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Tanaka on bringing FFXI character names into Final Fantasy XIV

When it was announced at E3, Square Enix mentioned the development team was looking for a way to allow players to bring their existing Final Fantasy XI character names into Final Fantasy XIV. At the recent GamesCom event in Cologne, Final Fantasy XIV producer Hiromichi Tanaka wouldn't confirm the feature would be included, but noted Square Enix would like to give incentives for players of its first MMO outing.

Tanaka notes the process of allowing names to carry over into a new Final Fantasy MMO could cause conflicts, but proposes one solution that could work: Force people to add a surname. "Players can keep their main name, but they can add something else to their surname -- that way players with overlapping names can keep their names from FFXI, but they can add something on to it to make it unique," Tanaka told the PlayStation Blog.

Tanaka also discussed Final Fantasy XIV's combat system, which -- as already revealed -- will not be based on a job system. FFXIV's armory system will allow players to switch weapons and abilities within the game, to best suit players who prefer to go solo or as part of a team. As players use weapons and equipment more frequently, the statistics of those items grow, building a stronger class of character without grinding for experience points.

While Tanaka was asked to name his biggest MMO-based inspiration, he quietly brushed the question aside, noting the community was his biggest influence. But clearly Tanaka's biggest MMO influence is Final Fantasy XI ... what else is out there?

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