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The Daily Grind: Leveling up in real life

William Dobson

The other day, we asked our readers whether they take their time leveling or if they make a mad dash to the level cap. We had a variety of responses, with some people fitting into one of the two polar opposites and others placing themselves somewhere in the middle. One reader, Accordance, made a comment that brought up another aspect of the discussion: "I think it would be worthwhile to discuss how we play games as a reflection of how we live our day-to-day lives outside of games."

While it may seem like a no-brainer that the goal-oriented career-focused person in real life would also be tearing through achievements in a game, we have a feeling that this may not always be the case. Perhaps the fast pace of your professional life leads you to want to take things slower and relax when playing an MMO? On the other hand you might have someone with a steady and undemanding job, happy with their station in life, who comes home from work and gets satisfaction from blazing through their MMO goals. So where do you fit? Does your leveling/playstyle in general match your real-life attitude towards goals?

[Thanks, Accordance!]

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