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Gresso's Grand Monaco, for if you're too poor for Vertu and too rich for common sense

Chris Ziegler

It doesn't take but a few dollars (or euros, rubles, reais, yuan, you name it) to pick up a fully-unlocked 2G candybar these days. At least it usually doesn't -- unless you happen to source it from Russia's Gresso, in which case it's going to run you about $2,100. For that sum you'll have your choice of the company's new Grand Monaco model in black or metallic ceramic, featuring a 2 megapixel camera, triband (yes, triband) EDGE data, Bluetooth, FM radio, and microSD expansion up to an anemic 2GB. In other words, you're paying purely for the materials and the assembly, because the specs are south of suck and Gresso's got about as much name recognition as ZTE in most parts of the world. When's the last time you paid over a grand per megapixel, anyway?

[Via Unwired View]

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