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Samsung Rogue's Bluetooth setup will be second nature to air traffic controllers

Chris Ziegler

Most of the time when we're taking a good, hard look at a phone's user interface, we're looking at the big picture -- the home screen, the main menu, the dialer, the browser. You know, the things you're using day in and day out. Samsung's dug a bit deeper for the launch of its upcoming Rogue, though, putting together a pretty wild radar-style display for Bluetooth pairing. The idea's simple: discoverable hardware around you appears as blips on the screen with your phone at the center; when you see the blip you want to pair, just drag it to the center. We can pretty much guarantee that the relative locations of in-range devices have no bearing on reality, but still, turning something as mundane as connecting your Bluetooth headset into a mini-game is paradoxically both awesome and annoying beyond words.

Update: The Eternity works the same way -- and some other recent Samsungs, we'd presume -- but it's still a pretty interesting trick. Thanks, Jeremy!

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