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Ubisoft talks online in new TMNT: Smash Up dev diary

In the latest dev diary for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Smash Up, the publishing team at Ubisoft discusses the importance of an online mode and what gamers can expect from its new "brawler." We say "brawler" because -- according to the video -- there is a major distinction between a standard fighting title and TMNT: Smash Up.

In Smash Up, up to four players can square off, "brawling" in massive free-for-all matches. If the Smash Bros-style of fighting is too hot for you to handle, players can also square off in two-on-two, or (standard fighting game) one-on-one matches. Developed by Game Arts -- a team made up of a slew of former Team Ninja veterans -- TMNT: Smash Up appears to be in good hands. Hands which you can then use to punch your opponent in the face with.

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