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WoW Insider Show Episode 105: All medicated up

Mike Schramm

Our podcast took to the airwaves yet again last Saturday, and it was what you might call a rollicking good time. Turpster and I were on, and we welcomed both Alex Ziebart and Michael Sacco back to the show, to talk about BlizzCon last weekend, our experiences with the expansion's new starter zones, and why Deathwing is actually a great choice for the Cataclysm's bad guy.

And we answered your emails, including information about PvP vs. questing XP, our meetup (and the trip after BlizzCon to Disneyland -- you can check out some pictures of the trip in the gallery below), and racial bonuses to tradeskills -- how they work and what they'll look like in the next expansion.

Was a great time, and you can hear all about it on the podcast below. If you have anything you'd like to tell us (either about something you heard on the show, or something you didn't hear us talk about yet), feel free to send an email to, and you might hear it on the show next week. Enjoy.

Gallery: WoW Insider Show at Disneyland | 21 Photos

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