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WoW Moviewatch: In Memory: Retribution


We covered the In Memory: Retribution final trailer back in May. At the time, we were impressed by the hints we could see in the trailer about the epic content of the final movie. But, as with many trailers, we were unconvinced that the final product would ever materialize. Thus, I'm incredibly happy to feature the final movie today. Click here to check out In Memory: Retribution by Necka.

This movie is huge. It's probably one of the longest and most thorough machinima presentations I can remember seeing. The camera work and voice acting are all perfectly suited to the story, and the sweeping narrative is thorough and world-changing. The story is based on the fall of Illidan, and I feel like the action really gets started when a troll sorrowfully admits his own part in the fate of the Betrayer.

This movie is definitely worth watching. Like I said, however, it's pretty long -- be sure to leave yourself an hour or so to watch it all. There are a few places you may need to back up, if your stream gets interrupted.

Click here to see it for yourself. This link provides an option to stream or download the video.

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