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Amazon & iTunes drop digital download prices. Still cost too much

Ben Drawbaugh

Apparently the two biggest providers of digital downloads are getting more aggressive with the pricing, but both are still far from enticing us. Obviously we're not the only ones not buying these overpriced, over-compressed videos, and for good reason. Part of the reason that this isn't enough is because we believe that the perceived value of digital delivery is actually less than packaged media. Not only do you not get something tangible to own, but also because you can't resale it and in general, there are less freedoms. But price isn't the only factor, as typically early adopters who'd be the first to jump on this wagon are also usually interested in quality. Which is only one of the reasons why Blu-ray is generating more revenue for Hollywood, instead of being killed by digital distribution. So in other words, consumers won't be willing to give up packaged media until digital downloads can deliver the same quality, value, features and selection. So yeah, a long, long time -- read as, not in the next two years.

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