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NinjaBee buzzing about 'Ancients of Ooga'


NinjaBee has revealed Ancients of Ooga will be the next title by the team behind Cloning Clyde, which was one of the few original releases on Xbox Live Arcade way back in the summer of 2006. NinjaBee teased this announcement a couple weeks ago -- not that this notification is anything more than another tease, as there's no screenshots, gameplay details or a release window for the game. At least NinjaBee had the decency to bestow a name upon the game (and some googly-eyed concept art).

John Nielson, founder of J. Kenworthy Entertainment, the studio behind Cloning Clyde, states that the team was "bombarded with requests" to clone Clyde for a sequel. Although Ooga isn't a sequel, Nielson considers it a "spiritual successor," due to Clyde's fundamental influence on the game. Maybe if we wait another two weeks NinjaBee will tease Ooga's file size ...

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