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What is Blizzard planning for its next MMO?

Shawn Schuster

According to a recent interview with Wired's GameLife, Blizzard's next MMO project will be "Significantly different" than what they have now with World of Warcraft. This alleviates most concern over self-competition, since they seem fairly confident that the new MMO will scratch a new itch. And seriously, even if it did take players away from WoW, would it be such a bad thing for Blizzard?

This interview with COO Paul Sams (by our own Tracey John) touches on much more than this next MMO, which Blizzard is understandably tight-lipped about. Sams discusses the future of WoW's expansions, the potential of across multiple titles and even a bit on micro-transactions. So as we can only speculate at this point, what do you think will be Blizzard's next MMO?

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