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Android-based 'ODROID' gaming handheld looks better than it sounds


The handheld gaming landscape is littered with the remnants of failed devices. Hardkernel is hoping that you don't find its ODROID among them -- but, if you do, it'll be fairly easy to spot. The device, which runs Google's Android OS, features no less than three sets of buttons that can (seemingly) serve as D-pads.

Aesthetic gripes aside, the yet-to-be-dated device is packing some nice tech. For one, it uses the same Samsung CPU as the iPhone 3GS. It can also play back 720p video on an external display via HDMI and has built-in WiFi. Oh, and it plays Android OS games of both the touch-based (and, one would think given all the buttons) traditional variety, too. All in all it sounds pretty spiffy, even if its name is a bit ... odd.

[Via Engadget]

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