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Club Nintendo members to get 'exclusive artwork' this month


Some Nintendo fans are disappointed in America's Club Nintendo initiative. In spite of giving away free swag the company is completely not required to do, many found this year's Elite bonuses (a hat and calendar) a bit lackluster. Perhaps a new bonus, "exclusive" to Club Nintendo members will cheer the naysayers.

Nintendo's Denise Kaigler teased IGN readers with this cryptic message: "Keep your eyes on the Club Nintendo Web site in September. That's when we will offer members some exclusive Nintendo artwork." To make the offer even more enticing, she emphasizes how super-secret it is. "For the reason I mentioned earlier, I can't say any more than that right now – it's a secret to everybody."

Perhaps Club Nintendo members will be able to get a super-exclusive sneak peak at the next Zelda game? Probably not -- but your theories are certainly welcome!

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