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EA in legal shootout over 'Dillinger' machine guns


EA is suing for the right to use the "Dillinger" name in association with weapons found in its Godfather series of games. GamePolitics reports the publisher filed suit in San Francisco federal court for the right to use the name after Dillinger LLC's legal team, which works for -- wait for it -- the grandson of the famous bank-robber's half-sister, contacted EA. Dillinger LLC apparently wants, according to EA, "millions of dollars for the game elements."

The "Dillinger Tommy Gun" is in the first Godfather game and the "Modern Dillinger" -- a $4 piece of DLC -- was featured in the sequel. We expect the great-great-great-grandchild of a famous historical figure's ex-roommate's second-cousin's babysitter to sue Civilization developer Firaxis any day now.

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