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Nokia 2705 'Shade' lined up to replace Mirage on Verizon?

Chris Ziegler

It's no Twist, but the latest Verizon-branded Nokia leak suggests that the newfound love between the two companies is showing no signs of slowing down -- good news for a carrier shunned by some manufacturers for its CDMA ways. The alleged 2705 "Shade" would replace the 2605 Mirage as its name suggests, which means that we're expecting strictly low-end specs here; that means EV-DO might not even be in the cards, so if you need anything other than a basic voice tool, you probably shouldn't bother getting all excited and marking down the days on the calendar until this thing is released. Oh, that, and also the fact that there's no guidance on when this might be released -- the Mirage arguably still has a little life left in it, so it's plausible that we might not see the Shade drop until the holidays or beyond.

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