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One Shots: All we wanna do is eat your brains

We haven't heard too much from the folks over at Gravity Interactive since they launched their monster-and-blood filled Requiem: Bloodymare. That said, it seems things are going well, as they've just wrapped up a contest to let players build monsters even more nightmarish than this guy. Today's One Shots comes to us from sgamer, who decided to go toe to toe with this towering pile of fug in Requiem: Bloodymare and writes in to tell us a bit more about it. Here, I was fighting the big Ancient Ghoul outside of the Ruins of Lament. [He's] a big, fun mob to solo with my Rogue. He looks pretty hungry to us.

If you've got a picture of a game we don't often see - or perhaps yourself running around in skimpy armor like sgamer here - we want to see it! Just email it to us at oneshots AT massively DOT com along with your name, the name of the game, and a quick description. Please try to turn off or minimize UI elements, too. Yours could be next.

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