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Revealed: Champions Online's first update, Blood Moon

Kyle Horner

Champions Online's Blood Moon update has finally been revealed, and wow does it sound pretty cool. Beginning in October, the update will add the Celestial powerset, which sounds like a versatile arrangement of powers allowing you to heal allies or harm enemies.

The actual in-game event itself looks to be exciting, as it involves fighting off a dark sorcerer known as Takofanes. We're decidedly excited about the 'Zombie Apocalypse' rising in Canada. Zombies in PVP? Yes please. And when a player falls in combat, they'll return as one of the undead, bound to fight in Takofanes' name. There will also be werewolves to fight, although what their dark bite does to a player isn't as clear just yet.

We really love is how the lore is being tied into the event. Millennium City was built on the smoldering crater where Detroit once stood. For the Blood Moon event, players will have the chance to fight against heroes who fought in the Battle of Detroit and free their souls from Takofanes' evil necromancy. It all ends in a big throw down with Takofanes himself. We'll hear more about the details in the coming weeks. Maybe we'll even get some additional info from Cryptic at PAX this weekend!

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