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Sony announces VAIO X ultraportable

Nilay Patel

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Sony just announced the VAIO X at IFA 2009, a half-inch thin ultraportable with an 11.1-inch screen and a new all-day battery that "will set the new standard for stamina." The machine's built of carbon fiber, so it weighs just a pound and a half, and we're assuming it's CULV-based, although there's no hard specs at the moment. We're racing to find out more, we'll let you know.

We grabbed some shots of the X in the flesh, but they won't let us hold it, and specs are still a mystery.

Update 2: Well, no wonder the battery lasts all day -- we're told the VAIO X currently has an Atom processor, although final specs haven't been locked in. Still -- Atom? Whatever Sony's going to charge for this thing is way too much.

Gallery: Sony Vaio X in the flesh | 16 Photos

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