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Sony SRS-GD50iP marries iPod dock with USB speakers

Vlad Savov

Aside from the flamboyantly oversized subwoofer, do you know what we really love about this new iPod / iPhone dock from Sony? The big logos sprawled across the middle of each speaker, that's what. After all, nothing yells audiophile quite like a chunky slab of plastic in the middle of your sound output, right? Marketing department 1, engineering team 0. To be fair, Sony is offering a nice bit of convergence here, as the speakers can also serve as a 2.1 PC set via USB, and they'll even use the same connection to sync up and charge your Apple device of choice. With 60 watts of power and that delightfully diminutive remote control, the whole setup will cost you $199 (or less, if you look real hard) and is available now.

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