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Study: Xbox 360 RROD on the decline

Justin McElroy

We're not sure there's a great way to write this post without you beautiful monsters turning it into flamebait -- nay, a flamesteak. We're just going to chuck it into the pit and then walk away in slow motion while the animals devour it. If we do it right, it should be very Guy Ritchie. SquareTrade, which claims to be the largest independent warranty provider in the world, has presented data indicating that the Red Ring of Death has been on the decline since the introduction of the Jasper chipset in early 2009. The findings were based on 16,000 new consoles covered by the company.

Well, that's great news! We don't think we're forgetting anything.Nope, we're all set. Well, we guess the report did say that the Wii was nine times more reliable than the 360 and four times more reliable than the PS3, but we can't imagine that's of much interest to anyone. [begin slo-mo walking]

[Via IndustryGamers]

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