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Users report Firmware 3.0 causing Uncharted freezes


Despite the shimmery new effects in the backgrounds, PS3 firmware 3.0 isn't an entirely calming, lovely experience for some users. Several posters on the forums report that, since the update, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune freezes at regular intervals. One user said every 20-30 minutes, and poor nufy8 "can't even play for more than a minute without it locking up."

We're contacting Naughty Dog to determine whether this is a known issue and to get an ETA on a fix, but in the meantime, considering that most of us have probably updated by now, our only advice is to find something else to play -- or make a game out of the freezing. Try to time it so that Nathan is in a funny pose!

[Thanks, Tristan]

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