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God of War Collection not hitting Europe this year


Hey, Europe. You're looking lovely today, has anyone told you that? Okay, quick like a band-aid: The PS3 God of War Collection won't make it to Europe this year. The collection includes the first two PS2 games in the series, updated with Trophies and 720p support.

Sony Europe's form response to VG24/7: "We are currently looking into options to bring God of War I and II to SCEE consumers on PS3; however it will not be possible to release the games this calendar year. We will provide further information in due course."

Here's a tip, though: The collection is unlikely to be region locked, so those in Europe who can't wait to experience Kratos' rage with all that extra "p" should probably check in with their favorite importers, or call up a Yank friend across the pond to sail a copy over.

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