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Kojima: Metal Gear Solid Rising at an 'experimental' stage


If you've been wondering why Hideo Kojima has been spending nearly all his interview time as of late talking up Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and not the console-bound Metal Gear Solid Raiden Rising, it's probably because the latter's presently a bit of an experiment-in-progress. "We're at an experiment level right now. We're doing a lot of experiments for Rising," Kojima told GamePro during GamesCom. It is, after all, promised to deliver a "different kind of action" for the series.

From the sound of his subsequent statements, the experimentation goes beyond the all-new graphics engine planned for the title and into the realm of overall development philosophy for the legend's studio. "Even the management and team formations that we have at Kojima Productions, we are changing this around," he said, adding, "The core of it is, of course, the Rising team. They're doing a lot of high-level stuff with great staffs."

And no, that last line isn't Kojima's way of saying the game's "young" team is actually spending all its time playing World of Warcraft. (We hope.)

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