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LG Chocolate Touch for Verizon revealed?

Chris Ziegler

Don't adjust your monitors, ladies and gentlemen: this is allegedly the upcoming Chocolate Touch for Verizon, and despite our most heartfelt hopes to the contrary, it couldn't possibly look less like the BL40. We guess the crazy stylized back is pretty cool, but frankly, this design doesn't inspire any more emotion from us than a Versa -- and that's a big problem for a phone that's supposed to help properly rep LG's chic Black Label line in the US. Call us bonkers, but we're gonna go ahead and hold out hope that this is actually something other than the Chocolate Touch -- LG's always got a ton of hardware in the pipeline for Verizon, after all -- and foolishly believe that they'll still launch a totally authentic, unfettered version of the real deal this fall. Hey, it could happen, right?

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