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Sony seeks participants for PSN reality show, 'The Tester'


Sony has announced an open casting call for a new reality series, created specifically for PlayStation Network, dubbed "The Tester." Participants will run a gauntlet of elimination challenges, with the aim of outshining their fellow competitors in the fields of "mental prowess, dexterity and video game knowledge." The winner will, of course, receive "every gamer's dream job" and become "The Tester," who is a tester of PlayStation games.

Those looking to put this wacky and mildly voyeuristic job interview on their resumes are encouraged to submit their details and a short video to Sony's official website. To be considered, you must be older than 21, a resident of the United States and have an unflappable desire to tell someone that they need to tighten up the graphics on level three. The series, which will eventually comprise eight HD episodes, will debut this winter on PSN -- at an unannounced price. How's that for reality?

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