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T-Mobile brings Facebook and paid Twitter apps to older Sidekicks

Chris Ziegler

The original Sidekick was one of the first devices to push phones as deeply social text-based tools, and that trend continues today -- which naturally makes tight integration with Facebook and Twitter absolutely vital. The fresh 2009 version of the Sidekick LX has been available with both of these, and T-Mobile is now retroactively offering them to owners of the original LX, the Sidekick 2008, and the Sidekick Slide (remember that?). There's a catch, though -- while Facebook's free, Twitter is going to run owners of the older Sidekicks $1.99 a month, despite the fact that it's no charge to LX 2009 owners. Seems exceptionally bogus to us -- but then again, considering how great the latest LX is compared to every other Sidekick ever made, owners might just use this as an excuse to take the plunge. Both apps are now available.

[Via Phone Scoop]

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