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Virtuous Team Fortress 2 players earn halos


Valve has instituted a policy against cheating in Team Fortress 2 on PC, and the consequences will be dealt out in the next few days. If players are found to have used an "idling" application to make the game think they've been in a server, in order to increase the occurrence of randomly-generated items, Valve will take away all their items. "Going forward, if we find users using external applications, we'll remove all of their items," Valve's Erik Johnson said. "If you're interested, only about 4.5 percent of the players in TF2's community will be affected by this cleansing process."

If you aren't found cheating, you'll get -- a free hat! Specifically, a halo. The rate of appearance of all hats has also been increased. And now we wait for the news of Halo players being given free fortresses.

[Thanks, Amun]

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