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Vodafone gets first dibs on WinMo 6.5-powered LG GM750 in Europe

Chris Ziegler

The GM730's barely had time to breathe since its intro earlier this year, but Windows Mobile 6.5 awaits -- and with it, the world's expecting a slew of new models to kick things off right. Following the GW550 announcement straight from LG proper earlier today, Vodafone has stepped in to announce that it's secured European exclusivity on the GM750, which largely carries over the GM730's visual cues but swaps out 6.1 for 6.5. The 5 megapixel cam and S-Class support are carryovers from its predecessor, but considering that neither is a slouch, we can't say we're complaining. Look for the GM750 to launch in Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and the UK (along with France through SFR) to celebrate 6.5's initial release on October 6, with other countries following on later.

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