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How would you change Olympus' E-P1?

Darren Murph

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Just look at that little bugger. Ain't it just so cute? All jesting aside, the adorably retro piece of kit you're inevitably peering at above rings up at $799 to $899, meaning that it's priced way too high to be slotted in most consumers' impulse buy category. Olympus' E-P1 was launched with high hopes, and it pretty much held the weight of the Micro Four Thirds world on its shoulders. During our time with the unit, we found image quality to be satisfactory overall and the design to be simply stunning, but we certainly didn't come away feeling it was flawless. For those of you who overlooked the entry-level DSLR in order to try something different, how has that decision treated you? Are you full of remorse? Could you not be happier? Spill all in comments below.

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