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Motorola's WinMo ambitions not dead yet: 'Caesar' on the way with WinMo 7?

Chris Ziegler

Look, we don't mean to rain on the 6.5 parade -- it's not even coming out until next month, after all, and both Microsoft and its hardware partners all have a lot riding on its success since competitive pressure from RIM, Nokia, and others is arguably as strong as it's ever been. Thing is, all signs point to an extraordinarily tight schedule for getting Windows Mobile 7 into customers' hands hot on the heels of 6.5's release -- and that means both hardware and software need to be very real by now, in the hands of testers, developers, and engineers responsible putting the finishing touches on the platform.

As a key part of its corporate renaissance, Motorola's made no secret of the fact that it's placing a heavy emphasis on Android going forward, putting WinMo's continued role (especially outside Asia) within the company in jeopardy. Thing is, well-trained eyes at UX Evangelist have found a Moto software engineer's job experience on LinkedIn with app development and migration to Windows Mobile 7 beta -- yes, beta -- listed front and center. The project's mentioned for a device codenamed "Caesar," which would slot in nicely with Moto's trend of assigning ancient rulers' names to smartphones ahead of release. We have no idea what Caesar might be, but if everything we've heard is true, odds are good that it'd have to comply to Microsoft's so-called Chassis 1 specifications that require ample touchscreen resolution and processor power. And if 7's seriously in beta, that means it's moving right along with a mid-2010 release totally plausible. Sholes repping the Android camp and Caesar holding down WinMo 7? Sounds good to us.

[Via MobileTechWorld]

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