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Phantasy Star Portable characters won't transfer into PSP2


Sega's upcoming Phantasy Star Portable 2 is one of the most exciting RPGs coming to PSP. Why? Infrastructure support! We're really intrigued to finally have a real online RPG experience on a handheld. Unfortunately, those of you expecting to import your level 60 characters from the first PSP game will be out of luck: to keep things fair, PSP2 will have you creating your characters from scratch.

There are bonuses to be had for players of the original, though. While you won't be able to export your XP or gear, you will gain access to an exclusive item: "exzam weapon," according to Siliconera. Hopefully, news of this bonus will be enough to forgive us for screencapping this horrifying shot from a Japanese promo video for the game. What's with that guy's outfit?!

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