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Sony: No plan to launch 3-D support for all PS3 games


Hold on before you run out to buy a new TV! You may have seen the report on Engadget stating that, according to a Sony rep, all PS3 games will run in 3-D with a software update next year. We contacted Sony ourselves to learn more about what sounded like a major megaton to let slip at a trade show. Sony told us that the company is "conducting a technological investigation" of whether it's even possible to do that. As for specifics: "there is no plan for the market launch of this at this time."

If you're dying to look at a 3-D game right now, Engadget also captured a video of Wipeout HD being played in 3-D, which you can see above. For some reason, the 3-D effect doesn't come through when viewed in an embedded video recording -- even with the glasses in front of the lens. Sony really needs to work on that.

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