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Square Enix's 'Game with No Name' broken up for DSiWare


The sequel to Square Enix's retrogaming/horror game Nanashi no Game (The Game with No Name) features a "cursed" platform game, an 8-bit sidescroller with creepy axes everywhere. That game-within-a-game is being brought to DSiWare in Japan on the 9th as Saikyouyoko Square Action Vol. 1 Noroi No game Chi and Vol. 2 Noroi No Game Dake (Extreme Misfortune Side Square Action Vol. 1 Cursed Game: Blood and Vol. 2 Cursed Game: Prison).

Also broken up for DSiWare: Face Training, the game that introduced the camera to the DS. It's being sold in single exercises for 500 DSi Points each, as Kyou kara Hajimeru Facening Kao Toremini (Start Today Facening Face Training Mini). Also there's more mahjong, but when isn't there.

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