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AT&T yanks BlackBerry Bold visual voicemail software update

Nilay Patel

Hope you Bold owners out there managed to snag AT&T's BlackBerry Bold visual voicemail software update while it lasted, because an internal memo leaked to BGR says it's been pulled due to compatibility problems with "network enhancements being deployed." That sounds to us like there's an issue with either those 850MHz 3G rollouts or whatever black magic Ma Bell's doing to get iPhone MMS up and running, but either way, it's one more fire for AT&T's engineers to put out while its customers sit around waiting.

Update: AT&T just sent us their official word on the matter -- and they also told us it has nothing to do with MMS or 850. Check it out after the break.

This week, AT&T and RIM discovered an issue in the most recent software update for the BlackBerry Bold, only affecting a small number of customers in a handful of markets. The issue may create call performance problems that can be corrected. We encourage any customer who believes they are experiencing this problem after installing the most recent update to call customer care for help.

We are working to fix this problem as soon as possible. In the meantime, if a customer encounters issues with the software, they should contact customer care.

Customers who have the b508 Bold Maintenance Release who already have Visual Voicemail can continue to enjoy its benefits. Other interested customers will be able to get Visual Voicemail once the new software build becomes available.

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