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Found Footage: Snow Leopard hidden features, great video by a 16 year-old

David Winograd

Matt Fisher
is a 16 year old high school junior and Apple enthusiast who has been putting up tutorial videos on all things Macintosh since December of 2008. I just saw one that is so good I wanted to bring it to your attention.

Matt has created a video on hidden features in Snow Leopard and although we have covered some of these before, this you have to see. In four minutes and twenty-nine seconds Matt covers more content than most people can cover in an hour, and he does it with grace and total clarity.

Matt found hidden features in:
  • Coverflow
  • Spotlight
  • Resizing of icons
  • Preview viewing modes
  • Hiding windows in dock icons
  • More organized keyboard shortcuts
  • Location based setting of time and date
  • Showing the date in the menubar
  • Stacks
  • Text and symbol substitution
  • The re-emergence of the trash 'put back' feature.
Take a look and I think you'll not only be impressed, but pick up a few things you didn't know.

Thanks go out to Mustafa Histoni for sending in this tip.

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