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New faction battleships coming to EVE Online with Dominion expansion

James Egan

The developers at CCP Games only just recently announced the next EVE Online expansion called Dominion, and its focus on planetary control. While they say it will bring new features like the COSMOS social network and Epic Mission Arcs for pirate factions, that's not to say that CCP Games isn't looking at other aspects of the game, particularly when it comes to those factions.

Dominion will give some much-needed attention to faction ships, both those of pirate factions and Navy ships of the main empire factions. EVE Game Designer CCP Ytterbium posted a thread aimed at getting player feedback. He wrote, "As some of you may have guessed by now, [the] Dominion release will bring improvements to most in-game faction ships, as we do feel they do not perform properly in their intended roles at the time being."

While the devs will eventually want input from players on pirate faction ship changes on the Singularity test server, CCP is focusing on changes to existing Navy faction ships from the four empires, and is introducing new Tier 1 battleship variants that should arrive with Dominion. These new ships are the Armageddon Navy Issue, Scorpion Navy Issue, Dominix Navy Issue, and the Typhoon Fleet Issue.

While CCP hasn't released images of the new faction battleships yet, Ytterbium says they will have new skins. All of these ships have certain enhancements over their predecessors or changes from the hulls they're based upon, and their stats are explained in detail in the EVE forum thread. If you're looking to find out more about what's on the horizon in New Eden, check out what CCP Ytterbium has to say about Navy ships in the Dominion expansion.

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