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City of Heroes announces Guest Author Program for Mission Architect

James Egan

No doubt it's Champions Online that seems to be getting the superhero MMO headlines of late in the gaming press, both for the new title's release and for some of the issues they've had in relation to that launch. But competition is generally a good thing from a gamer's perspective, and City of Heroes is also stepping up their game, particularly in regards to the Mission Architect.

When the devs introduced the Mission Architect to City of Heroes, it was their first step towards embracing player-generated content and adding new dimensions to the game experience. They've announced that the next step with Mission Architect is to have a Guest Author Program where "comic book notables try their hand at mission design." NCsoft says the program will "invite influential writers and aspiring game or story designers" to collaborate with the City of Heroes devs and bring these missions into the game.

Guest Author Program participants will be announced on a rolling basis, but first up is Rooster Teeth, best known as the people behind Red vs. Blue and Captain Dynamic, and Scott Kurtz from PvPonline. Rooster Teeth will bring Captain Dynamic into actual City of Heroes missions while Kurtz creates missions around the LOLBAT.

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