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Scratch-n-Scroll noteable mousepad puts the "do" back in "To Do" list

Darren Murph

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Can't seem to keep an unused stack of sticky notes near your dear mouse? Fret not, as the geniuses over at Quirky have popped out yet another 'well duh / must-have' product in the Scratch-n-Scroll. Rather than promising that its newest surface can help you frag more intently, smell better or just appear more heroic, this 'noteable mousepad' is apt to be one of the poorer mousing mats on the market. But frankly, that's not the point. The point is that you can jot down vital notes with just a fingertip right on the pad, and once you've transferred 'em over to something a touch more permanent, you simply lift up the semi-transparent top sheet, let it fall flat and marvel at the vanishing act. It's all yours for just $9.49, so really, why aren't you giving that read link some love?

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