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Buy one PS3 game at, get a second for 50% off


Here's our big, greedy idea: Buy one of the 140 PlayStation 3 titles being offered in the current deal for a lucky friend's future Christmas present, and get one for ourselves in the process for half the price! Dealzon spotted the sale we're selfishly taking advantage of over the weekend, which also offers free shipping until the end of Labor Day (that's tonight, folks!).

Thankfully, the deal offers more than just clearance titles -- last week's Guitar Hero 5 and system-selling Metal Gear Solid 4 are among a the handful of good stuff on the list (if you buy GH5, you could technically get a free copy of Guitar Hero: Van Halen as well, upping the value even more). According to the folks at Dealzon, the offer ends on Saturday, September 12, so you may want to get while the gettin's good.

[Via Dealzon]

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