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Nokia N97 firmware 2.0 looks to squash major pain points

Chris Ziegler

As QWERTY-equipped Nokias go we're having a hard time taking our eyes off the N900 (and the E72, come to think of it) -- but it might be worth keeping the N97 hanging around on the back burner, because Nokia certainly hasn't moved on yet. In fact, the company is crafting a rather hefty new update that'll be available next month, and on video, it seems to directly address a few areas that should immediately make the phone more usable, chiefly kinetic scrolling which makes lists behave in a way that's more natural and obvious for a full-touch device. There's also a smattering of bug fixes and performance improvements, more stock widgets available, alternate keyboard characters are now available via long press, and amazingly, they've managed to do all of this while still leaving more phone memory available. We'd venture to say it's still not an "N900 killer" by any stretch, but it's definitely a new lease on life. Follow the break for a video demo of the new firmware in action.

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