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WoW Moviewatch: Work Work, Zug Zug, Dabu


Here in the United States, today is a beloved national holiday called Labor Day. While I could get into the specific history of the holiday, I'll simply summary by saying the holiday basically amounts to "a day off work for the people who work really hard." Oxhorn has released a special Labor Day video with that subject in mind, called Work Work, Zug Zug, Dabu.

The video is short, sweet, and fun-sized. This is one of the things I often love most about Oxhorn's short videos. He has a basic, great idea, and then crafts a video specifically towards that idea alone. His content is tailored and fitted to the short length, which means even the most casual audience gets a very high return on their investment.

The song is the centerpiece of this video, of course, and it's as much fun as any other Oxhorn music. The honest goblin singing his way to mercantile expression is wonderfully done. As usual, my hat's off to Oxhorn. The round robin medley between the three orcs (who I have to think are named "Work Work," "Zug Zug," and "Dabu" for obvious reasons) is brilliantly executed.

If you like this video, you should definitely take the time to cruise Oxhorn's website, and check out his other work.

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