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ELSPA: Legal loophole won't delay rollout of PEGI ratings


ELSPA is assuring the UK public that the plan to make the new PEGI ratings legally enforceable won't be affected by the fact that there is currently no law with which to enforce them. ELSPA director general Mike Rawlinson told MCV that the government told the organization "that the timetable for the introduction of PEGI as the legal system of video games classification will not be adversely affected by this error."

ELSPA expects legislation to be passed in the general election following the Queen' speech this November, in order to fix the loophole that renders the Video Recordings Act unenforceable. In the meantime, "ELSPA will therefore advise our members to continue to forward games to be rated as per the current agreement while the legal issues are being resolved." Until then, nothing keeps retailers from selling anything to kids but common sense.

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