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Apple announces cheaper, more colorful iPod shuffle, new Special Edition


Well, it wasn't high on the rumor list, but it looks like Apple didn't forget about the humble iPod shuffle amidst all its other iPod news, with it taking the opportunity to both lower the price and add a much needed dash of color to the lineup. Now starting at just $59 for a 2GB model and $79 for a 4GB, the shuffle is also available in your choice of pink, green, or blue in addition the usual silver or black, as well as in a new, all stainless steel 4GB Special Edition for a premium price of $99 (which also just so happens to be an Apple Store exclusive). Not much else new, as you might expect, but Apple is also promising that more iPod shuffle-friendly headphones will soon be available, in case that's the one thing that's been keeping you and the voice apart all this time.

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