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Logitech's high-end Guitar Hero controllers headed to Wii


If you want to spend way too much money on game instruments, but don't want to buy the fancy Beatles: Rock Band box, Logitech has you covered. Following the launch of the Wireless Guitar Controller for PS3/PS2 and Xbox 360, Logitech is bringing the $199 peripheral to Wii in North America and Europe this October.

The controller, which was black in its PS3 incarnation and orange for 360, will have a white body (with room to attach a Wiimote), and the same "maple neck, rosewood fingerboard and metal frets" that help justify the price of the other versions.

Logitech is also introducing a Wii version of its $229 Wireless Drum Controller, which is designed to fold up easily, and features both drum pads and kick pedals that are improved over the basic Guitar Hero drums -- which, at that price, they'd better be.


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