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Netflix taking everyone to Oz for free via streaming, subscribers go in HD


As if we weren't already hyped that The Wizard of Oz is returning to theaters in celebration of its Blu-ray release, Netflix is putting a little something extra -- and free -- on it. Anyone in the U.S. will be able to stream the classic online via PC (trailer embedded after the break) at from 9 a.m. October 3 for 24 hours, while subscribers can pull the stream down in high definition on any compatible device. No interruptions, no cost, no hassle. Prefer the group watch experience with an actual physical group of people? The company is also putting on a free concert and outdoor showing in NYC's Central Park September 29. With the options of on disc, streaming, in a theater or even outside it's hard to think of more ways to see a movie than this one, which would you pick?

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